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Climate change is one of the greatest environmental, social and economic threats of our time. We can already see the effects of climate change from melting glaciers to flooding and repeated cyclone disasters around the world. Bangladesh is the epicenter of the gathering climate change calamity. About 23% of the country’s area is critically vulnerable due to sea level rise and will be permanently flooded, according to many experts, by 2030 displacing an estimated 30 million people. At the same time, the north-western region will be subject to scarcity of water leading to drought and changing in hydrological regime creating untold misery, including food security and agricultural production. In sum, Bangladesh is at the brink of incomprehensible disaster.

How are we going to cope with this catastrophic situation? How to contain this "common crisis"? We can’t run away or be very complacent about it. Bangladeshis all over the world should rise up and firmly confront this challenge. As expatriate Bangladeshis, we must mount strong advocacy for Bangladesh internationally and make the climate polluters responsible for this catastrophic calamity. At the same time, we should work to raise the awareness and campaign for Bangladesh and assist all efforts – national and international – to save Bangladesh from the brink. Keeping this in mind, the Bangladeshi community in Vancouver established the Society for Bangladesh Climate Justice. It is a voluntary, non-profit, advocacy group dedicated to climate change awareness and global "climate justice".

SBCJ is headquartered in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As an organization, SBCJ shall raise funds and hire employees to carry out the activities set forth in the Constitution. The organization will consist of members, international networks, affiliated groups and international members. SBCJ will undertake the following activities dedicated to enhancing awareness about climate change and climate risk management:

  • Advocacy and promotion of the cause for Bangladesh internationally for climate justice.
  • Focus on research and actions for prevention, mitigations and adaptation to climate change
  • Networking with governments, inter-governmental agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs) and community groups through community-based training and workshops for awareness and capacity building
  • Work with the Government of Canada to (a) assist Bangladesh deal with climate disasters and (b) establish special quota for "climate refugees" from the affected countries, particularly Bangladesh;
  • Carry out any other activities incidental to, or conducive of, the above missions and objectives.

Unfortunately, the map of Bangladesh may change in our generation due to rising sea level unless we create a global movement for climate justice for Bangladesh and raise this as a challenge for the global community. Our small effort through the Society for Bangladesh Climate Justice will make a difference provided we all work and more importantly wish to make the difference.

We cordially urge you to join with us in this journey and help protect the land, the people and the environment of Bangladesh for our future generations.

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